Admissions Open for 2018 – 2019

Kidsville Academy aims to be the change that makes education memorable for you and your child.

Kidsville ACADEMY

Kidsville Academy was founded in the year 2012 as an inclusive early intervention pre-school catering to children from 2 years to 7 years. This year we are taking a leap towards providing sustained education for children. 
We cater to children above 2 years to 20 years. Children struggling with mainstream education, children having learning difficulties & children with physical and cognitive challenges may seek admission. 
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Alternative Education

ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION is an educational setting where the pedagogies are different from mainstream education. Such alternative system relives the stress of formal education on children and their parents. It is dynamic and flexible in terms of teaching methods, student teacher ratio, choice of subjects and assessments routines.

What we Offer?

Our school provides the best education to our students. The year around coursework has a correct mix learning through books and learning through activities. We inculcate in our students the itch to observe, analyse and learn.

Early intervention program

EIP is a specialised program for children between ages 2-7 years. This is a school readiness program for children to get mainstreamed. This program offers intensive special education support in all areas of child development. It follows the pre-school curriculum but tailored to suit needs of the child.
Our strategies and expertise help in learning, if the child has:
1. Difficulties sitting in class
2. Reading difficulties
3. Problems in writing or avoids writing
4. Difficulty learning spellings
5. Difficulties in remembering information (memory-related concerns)
6. Socializing difficulties
7. Speech-related problems


In this program we provide alternative education for children who find it difficult to cope in mainstream education. We enrol children between 8years to 14 years in this program. We do curriculum adaptations grade wise depending on the child’s functional levels. This is a prep program NIOS 10th boards. Kidsville Academy groups’ children based on their functional abilities and chronological age, frames an IEP, and works towards providing a sustained learning for every child. We train the children and help them fulfil their educational needs and get certified through the NIOS.


National Institute of Open School is a well recognised board that offers children time and flexibility to pursue their studies. It helps them finish the education in terms of 10th and 12th standards. It has a vast syllabus and an array of subjects to choose from. It offers personal choice of subjects and flexibility in terms of exams. These subjects are taught by qualified special educators. It is a fantastic educational system suitable for all children who wish to complete their basic education.

Speech & Language therapy

Speech therapy is available on consultation basis for children who have delayed speech. Children with inadequate language and speech disorders can benefit from therapy. Qualified and experience therapists work with the child. This facility is available for all children not restricting to Kidsville students.

Occupational Therapy

Children with sensory issues, hyperactive, poor sitting tolerance and motor skill deficit can avail this facility. Therapists are available on consultation basis.

After-school remedial

We provide curriculum based remedial program for children from other mainstream schools. Children benefit from the individual academic assistance with regard to spelling, reading, writing & self-expression. Children with learning difficulty receive intensive support from special educators helping them cope with their academic challenges.

Why Kidsville?

We believe in nothing but all round growth and development of your child.

Our school is an apt platform for your child to grow and achieve success.

We bring in the best and innovative teaching techniques for your child.

Our values and ethics make your child ready to face the real world.

Our teaching schedules include a mix of work and play for your child.

Our processes and practices are up to date with the global techniques.